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Dubai Hair Transplant Techniques: FUT and FUE

Becoming bald is one of the most destructive things that can happen to anybody's life. Hair loss comes as trauma, shock, plus stress to most people. In case someone provides you suspect that there is a treatment for baldness it looks nothing quick of a wonder. This unusual treatment is the procedure of hair transplant Dubai. In this method, a plastic surgeon removes hair from healthy hair regions to a bald area.

Normally, the hair transplant specialists take the healthy hair from the back of the head & move them to the front of the head. The area where the doctors choose the hair is named as donor region & the place where they are located is named as recipient region.

Having read this we should know that there are two approaches to doing the hair transplant. FUT and FUE.

The FUT Method

FUT stands for Follicular unit transplantation. Soon, what is a hair follicle? Hair is composed of a hard protein named keratin. And the follicle is that part of a single hair that locks or anchors the hair into the skin. In the FUT method hair-bearing skin is practiced in the form of a strip from the donor region and grafted in the recipient region. The skin patches thus taken are distributed into different grafts and then transplanted. A disadvantage is that a linear scar continues in the donor region from where the skin is removed.

About a decade ago this technique was adopted more generally because the FUE technique was not advanced at that time. There is a restriction on grafts amount that can be performed in 1 session is around 1000-1500 in the FUT hair transplant. This number is insufficient to show good results in most patients.

Hence FUT technique requires more grafts in subsequent sessions. Moreover, this hikes up the cost of getting a hair transplant. Thirdly, the skin patch grafts take considerable time to fully heal. These shortcomings of the FUT technique were strongly reduced when the FUE procedure came into the idea nearly a decade ago.

The FUE Method

The FUE method FUE stands for Follicular unit extraction. This is the modern most generally used technique of hair transplantation. This procedure includes extracting each hair follicle rather than the skin, to transplant them individually in the bald area. Hence, there is no stitching and sewing included. Doctors shave the hair at the donor region and then the follicles are separated by a technique called punching. These follicles are then grafted. Especially ever since the surgeons have started practicing the micromotor to extract grafts, a big breakthrough has been made in hair transplantation. Before the MICR- motor use, manual punching was done to extract the grafts. It took 3 to 4 hours to extract 2000 grafts manually.

Now, the micro-motor has conceived it feasible for the administrators to transplant 5000- 6000 grafts in one hour. It mostly needs only one session mostly for the whole transplant. Furthermore, the restorative time is overcome to a magnificent extend- from 1 to 2 weeks in FUT to 2 to 3 days in FUE hair transplant. Also, it's a scarless and stitchless surgery. Another plus point is that it's very feasible to adopt in situations where the patient is very young including only has thinning and partial balding. Extracted follicles are utilized to densify the hair in that situation.

A decade ago, ever for the technique of FUE hair transplant Dubai has come into a method, the experts suggest and favor it over the technique of FUT Hair Transplant Dubai. It shows to be more economical and more durable with a much smaller healing period. Furthermore, it is can also be utilized for repairing smaller ranges like eyelashes & mustaches.

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  • Nov 19 2020
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