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10 Mistakes To Avoid When Writing An Essay

Bad essays are everywhere. Yes, and they are commonly more than we know about it. Students often have insufficient writing skills and time, especially the ones that are given at higher levels. Due to these, students are often looking for help and answers to their ‘write my paper requests and want to work with trustworthy writing companies.

Still, knowing about the common mistakes will help you in avoiding them in your essays and scoring good grades. Below are some common mistakes and faults that every bad essay have in common, read on, and learn how to avoid them.

Generalizing the Topic:

Bas essays have a general and topical type of information. They do not dig deeper and present in-depth and relevant claims and arguments. To avoid this, plan your essay and stick to the main idea.

Overly Academic Language:

Students use unnecessarily complex words and phrases in their essays. They think that it will impress their teacher, which does not happen. Instead, use easy to understand and appropriate language to convey your ideas.

Low-Quality Sources:

Bad essays rely on low-quality sources like Wikipedia. Instead, search online journals, papers, and books to find credible and high-quality source material.


And there is no doubt in it that a badly written essay will have plagiarised material. To avoid this, make sure that you cite all your sources and paraphrase where necessary.

No Quotes:

Good essays have sufficient and relevant quotes to back and support their claims where bad essays have none of it. Adding quotes means that you have done proper research and know about the topic.

Improper Research:

Essays largely rely on research and bad essays are insufficiently researched. Students think that their teacher will not know, which is wrong. Do proper research before writing the essay.

Thesis Statement:

Bad essays have NO thesis statement. It may sound like a surprise but it is true. Having no thesis statement means that you have nothing to tell your reader and they have no reasons to read the essay. Add a proper thesis statement in your essay.

Slang Language:

Bad essays have a slang language. Slang is a non-standard form of writing and this is why it is acceptable in academic writing. Use proper and suitable language.

Avoid Essay Specifications:

Good essays are written according to the given essay specifications while the bad ones avoid them. This leaves them with no structure and an obvious ‘F’. read through the requirements carefully before writing your essay.

No Proofreading and Editing:

Bad essays come in bad shape and this is mainly because they are improperly proofread and edited. After you are done writing, proofread, and edit it carefully. You have no clue what to do now and you go for a paper writing service.

Follow these tips and save your essay from ending up on the bad essays list.

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